Horse & Human Spa Day
Reiki with Horses
Reiki with Horses

Horse & Human Spa Package

  • Would you like to experience something fun and relaxing with your horse?
  • Have you or your horse under any stress lately?
  • Did you ever think your horse may have a message for you?

Wouldn’t you like this to be you and your horse?? I have created a session where I bring the two of you together.

Connecting & Grounding

After connecting and grounding with your horse and creating a safe space to be in, I will include you in an exercise at your horses heart Chakra or energy centre, the most important energy centre of your horse.

All the pictures on this page and in the video below, are my client’s own horse and herd.

Guided Healing Journey

Once the full session with your horse is done, it’s your turn. You will get to relax on the table with your horse beside you while I take you through a guided healing journey of Reiki.

My practice includes smudging, a native tradition that helps clear all the stuck energy and allows us to receive messages from the Universe.

You not only have one of earths greatest teachers by your side, but a healer that wants to be there for you and that bond and connection is there to help you!

I include the use of crystals on the table to support your energy. Just watch as your horse steps up and wants to participate sending you their love and support. You don’t have to leave home to receive or experience the healing from a horse, because you already have one!

Take home

We end the session with crystal jewelry companion set for you and your horse, to anchor in the new relaxed feeling that you and your horse are enjoying along with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Would you like to go a little deeper and experience something magical? Please contact me today!

Contact me to see if I can help and support you or your horse or other animals through my services.

About the Companion Packs Jewelry

Sixteen Stones offers handcrafted companion packs for HUMANS and their animals.

Wearing the same collection of gemstones as your animal can encourage trust, enhance connection and communication.

This pack offers an adjustable, handcrafted, natural leather gemstone bracelet for you and a charm for your animal that can be worn on their collar or bridle. Each piece is handcrafted with love and intention in Alberta Canada.

Charm Companion Packs are available in Sixteen Stones four signature collections : Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul. Take a look at the chart below to see which collection is the right fit for you and your animal or head over to our collections page to learn more.

Horse & Human Spa Package
Communicating with horses and Equine Behavior