Pricing for Horse Healing and Horse Energy Services
Horse Clinics and Sessions

Rates for Clinics & Sessions

Horses Clinics & Sessions

Initial Equine Assessment Session, including first treatment (90 – 120 min) $120

During our initial session, I will collect information on the history of your horse from you and we will talk about his/her current health condition. After that, I can connect with your horse, find out what they are feeling and help them release what is no longer serving them. Reiki can help maintain your horse’s health, speed healing of illness and injuries, and even ease the transition between life and death. Reiki is ideal for use with horses as it is a gentle and non-invasive modality, and yet can powerfully address any health issue your horse may face. Because the nature of Reiki is to create and support energetic balance, it can do no harm and can be safely used on its own or as a wonderful complement to other equine healing therapies, both allopathic and holistic.

For a limited time, add additional animals to this for only $75/per animal. Valid till September 30th, 2021 – after that it’ll be $95 per additional animal.

Subsequent Equine Session (90 min) $95

Based on the initial assessment and healing session, I will give you recommendations on when the next session should take place and approximately how many we will need to achieve the desired results. If too much time lapses between appointments (like more than 4 weeks), we need to repeat initial consultation.

Horse Clinics

If you are interested in attending a clinic at our barn, feel free to send me a message. With 3 – 5 people, we’ll go over the energy system of a horse, my background and the role of Chakras. Plus a demo with either your horse, or one of the horses on our farm.

Horse & Human Spa Package $225

Reiki for your horse and you! Charm Companion pack from Sixteen Stones & flowers to make it the perfect day!
Get 2 hours of deep relaxation and connection.

Usui Reiki Sessions on Humans $95

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy and works as a deep relaxation and stress reduction technique. If you are going through major life transitions or are experiencing a lot of stress, this is a great session to book for yourself.

Outdoor Usui Reiki Sessions on Human with horse $125

Enjoy a unique Reiki session outdoors with one of our horses. This enhances the session as the horses have amazing healing powers and are great at holding space for you while you are getting the Reiki Session.

Energy Clearing, Barn, or Home Smudging $125

Spaces hold energy, so if you need any negative energy cleared in your home or barn, we can easily make it more vibrant with a variety of methods, like white sage, Reiki, crystals, intention and more.

Natal Chart Session $95

Going into your natal chart can help bring clarity and awareness to the issues that you need to heal and clear in this lifetime.

Horses Clinics and Sessions Millarville

Package 1: 3 sessions $270

Package 2: 6 sessions $510*

Package 3: 9 sessions $720*

Add travel time: $10/15 min

*Packages can be used for multiple horses within your herd. Initial assessment not included.