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Communicating with horses | Horse Maggie after Reiki Session
Doing Reiki on a Horse

A safe environment.

My goal is to create a safe environment for your animal(s) through a holistic approach by being fully present with your horse with an open loving and compassionate heart. I will listen closely to your observations about your four legged beloved, and also learn about your relationship with your horse.

I will connect to your horse/cow/goat/dog/cat using a powerful combination of intuition and understanding of horse communication.

Reiki for Rescues

  • Did you rescue your horse?
  • Has your horse, farm animal or pet’s behaviour changed in a negative way and you are not sure why?
  • Did your horse loose a herd member and now seems sad or anxious?
  • Would you like to enhance your relationship with your horse, farm animal, dog or cat?

If you answered yes to the above questions, keep reading.

Horses are sentient beings.

Horses are sentient beings, which means they have emotions and can feel different sensations just like humans can. As it is done on an intuitive primal level, they don’t get caught up in their inner mind chatter, however, they can lodge negative experiences like trauma into their bodies which expresses itself in their current behaviour.

Communicating with horses can be done by tuning into their energy. As an empath that comes easy to me. This is not limited to horses, it also applies to farm animals of any kind and pets!

Emotional support and addressing behavioral problems.

Upsetting experiences can lead to many kinds of issues and can sabotage the connection to their owner or humans in general. Once their trust is violated, the horse, or animal, can start acting out and behavioral issues are misunderstood. This is where my help comes in.

Horses are known to have advanced social intelligence and can read the body language and facial expressions of humans.

Communicating with animals, and especially horses, through my intuitive readings, as well as body language can be more effective in addressing behavioral problems, as it gets to the core of the issue.

Think of it this way, when you go through life challenges, you will have a proverbial “shorter fuse”. You are less patient than when everything in your life is fine and dandy. When you feel heard and understood, you are likely to react differently. It’s the same with horses. They can have a bad day, but if it’s a long-term issue, something likely needs to be addressed on a deeper emotional level.

Horses have systems just like we do: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They too sleep to replenish energy. Through animal communication and Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy), we can help them at will.

Physical therapy, regular vet check ups and nutrition are just as important as supporting them emotionally and spiritually. When life force energy is high, your horse will express that in the way they act and react – well mannered, cooperative, and responsive.

What to expect in a session?

Upon meditating with your horse or other animal in their own comfortable space, I ask for their permission and then tap into their emotions becoming deeply connected with them. Being a true empath, I can feel their sadness, grief, and any trauma in my body. I support them by helping them release the negative energy and begin the healing with Reiki.

How many sessions will my horse need?

This all depends on what is going on. Usually multiple sessions are needed, but each session brings new and deeper insights as the trust between you, me and your horse grows.

The benefits: happy horse, happy owner.

Through the loving process of the healing sessions, you and your horse will discover how to communicate and feel each others needs. You will learn to recognize that your emotions are being reflected back to you through their behavior, allowing you to balance yourself.

This builds trust between the two of you and helps the development of their social intelligence. Collectively, a powerful union and deep friendship is created.

Contact me to see if I can help and support you or your horse or other animals through my services.

Communicating with horses and Equine Behavior
Equine Reiki